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Unlocking Brand Insights: The Share of Search Documentation Hub

What is Share of Search?

"Share of Search" refers to the percentage representation of a brand's or product's online search volume in relation to the total search volume of its competitive set. It's an insightful metric to gauge brand popularity, potential market share, and the effectiveness of marketing efforts within a specific industry or category. By comparing your brand's share of search against competitors, you can identify growth opportunities and areas for improvement.

What is SearchShare?

SearchShare is a cutting-edge tool designed to give you insights into your brand's online presence by analysing its share of search. In today's digital age, understanding how often your brand or product is searched for in comparison to your competitors provides a tangible measure of brand health and market interest.

Comprehensive Keyword Analysis

Dive deep into keyword trends and understand how your brand or product is performing in search compared to competitors. Analyse keyword volume, trends, and relevance over time.

Interactive Share of Search Reports

Visualise your share of search with dynamic and interactive reports. Compare with competitors, identify market trends, and discover growth opportunities.

Collaborative Report Sharing

Seamlessly share your reports with team members or stakeholders. Collaborate, comment, and make data-driven decisions together.