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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SearchShare?

SearchShare is a brand and category demand tracking tool. Marketers use SearchShare to discover their brand’s share of the market easily, report on performance and grow market share using Google Search data.

Share of Search is a new way to track brands and advertising using Google Search data. Share of Search compares a brand’s search demand against key competitors. Share of Search data has been shown to have a proven average correlation of 83% with future share of market.

Can I track PR stories with SearchShare?

Yes, news stories can have a big impact on search demand. With SearchShare’s Google News tool, you can track search demand and match peaks in search demand to news stories in the media. This helps analyse how a campaign is performing or why a competitor may suddenly see a spike in search demand.

Is Share of Search more reliable than questionnaires, surveys or focus groups?

The relationship between surveys and purchase behaviour is often surprisingly weak. As David Ogilvy once said: “Consumers don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think, and they don’t do what they say.” Google is the world’s biggest database of human intentions. Using SearchShare presents a powerful research tool, with rich data on what people are going to do, think, feel, and buy.

Can I measure campaign impact with SearchShare?

You can drive campaign effectiveness with SearchShare by tracking your brand and category demand using Google Search data before, during and after your campaigns with accurate reports that you can share with stakeholders.

My business is complicated with multiple products, will SearchShare work for us?

SearchShare will work for businesses of all sizes and product types.

Why is Share of Search considered a ‘leading indicator’ for market share?

Share of Search is like an early warning system for brands with changes in share of search preceding changes in market share. For this reason, it’s seen as a leading indicator for market share. Marketers can forecast predicted market share changes up to a year ahead with accuracy as the lead times can be quite long. A 6-month warning that market share will drop is an incredibly useful metric.

Why does SearchShare look at a rolling 12-month average analysis?

Over a year there can be lots of noise in the market, so a 12-month analysis smoothes this out and provides a more accurate picture of brand and category performance. However, you will still be able to see monthly performance at a granular level to gain a complete understanding of market share changes.