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We're thrilled to introduce SearchShare 2.0 - a monumental leap in our journey to offer you the finest share of search reporting tool. We listened to your feedback and reimagined SearchShare from the ground up.

๐Ÿš€ What's New in 2.0:โ€‹

  • Performance Upgrade: Entire system has been rewritten for a blazing fast experience.
  • Enhanced UI: Modern, clean, and intuitive. We've revamped our design to make it more user-friendly.
  • Improved Interface: A seamless, clutter-free interface that makes navigation and operation a breeze.


Alongside significant enhancements to the platform, we've introduced a range of new features:


  1. Multiple Users: Enabled support for multiple users under a single account. This will help in team collaboration and division of roles.
  2. Shared Report Access: Users can now share individual reports with other team members or external users, enhancing collaboration and transparency.
  3. Report Search: Introduced a search functionality to make it easier to find a specific report.
  4. Report Filters: Added advanced filters for reports. Users can now filter reports based on tags, user, and other predefined criteria.
  5. Table Pagination: The reports table now has pagination. This improves navigation when there are a large number of reports on an account.
  6. Report Tags: Implemented a tagging system for reports. Users can now add tags to categorise and organise reports for efficient access and management.
  7. Archiving Reports: Introduced an archive function. Users can now archive older reports, decluttering the active report list and improving report management.
  8. Deleting Reports: Enabled report deletion. Users can now permanently remove unwanted or outdated reports from the system.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We're excited for you to experience SearchShare 2.0 and look forward to your feedback. Onwards and upwards!